Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Viver de Arte...a beautiful artistical, ecological and social project, which eclectic is proud to support!

Viver de Arte (Art from Life) is the company name and logo of two artists who coordinate a host of small companies and artisans throughout the northeast of Brazil.
Viver de Arte was born in 1995 under the aegis of two sisters Ana Maia and Rosa Maria Piatti. Their goal was to create unique, different and even daring works of art in a totally different enviroment along with their team of artists.
Their work, designed through the use of painting, collage, sculpture, wooden cuttings and many other techniques resulted in spectacular results, geared towards a cultured and demanding public.
Ana and Rosa are from a region of Brazil where sugar cane has always been the major export. It was no easy task to break from that mold with a cultural and artistic milieu. But they rose to the challenge and are extremely proud that they support an entire culture of local artisans who are now able to sell their works not only in Brazil, but also throughout the United States, Canada and Europe as well.
Begun as a small endeavor, Viver de Arte is proud to note that it nowsupports over 40 full time artisans -- many from poor communities as they raise the quality of life on so many levels. In addition, they are able to provide work to countless numbers of others who are able to work from home on a part-time basis and still care for their families. Both Rosa and Ana agree that they have achieved so much more than even they had dared to hope for.
Viver de Arte. Surprising, impacting, penetrating and breaking boundaries.
Viver de Arte has become both, a road to freedom as well as a way of life!


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