Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Carolina Haveroth a designer has found her niche within this challenge and is launching with exclusivity her Fish Leather collection during the Abimad August 2008. Base don ecological ceramic, the line presents innovating textures with application of recycle fish leather and inspires a Brazil additionally sustainable, and ecologically conscious.

From the earth comes the raw material of all life on the planet. More than ever this huge alive organism is seeking the attention and awareness of each human being in construction of production sustainable mechanisms. Ecologically correct attitudes are being considered not only in the communication segments but in all the sectors of communities, which intelligently are encountering solutions to recycle material, generating art, employment and income to several layers of the population.

FISH WOMEN: The Arpeixe project is developed by an association composed of wives and daughters of fishermen of the river shores of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul.
Their initiative in reusing what in the past was discarded resulted in a profitable activity, in awards at national level within the craft segment and in participation in fashion events.
Arpeixe effort is transformed in bags, jewelry and many other pieces of art that now also include the objects of art of Carolina Haveroth.


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